Wicked Big Sports


Wicked Big Sports combines traditional sports and games with oversized fun!

Wicked Big Sports Dodge Disc takes traditional Dodgeball to the next level with a Twist! The object of the game is to successfully grab a disc and run back to your team's starting point and start throwing discs at the opposing team to try and get other players out. Anyone who is hit by a flying disc is out and moved out of the playing area. If a player catches a disc that was thrown, the person who threw it is out and must move out of the playing area. Game play continues until one team is eliminated. 4 or more players for teams of two or more, so grab a few friends and start having a great time. Includes 5 soft discs.

Wicked Big Sports Football is an over-sized version of a classic Football. Our wicked big football is 16". This football can be used to play a traditional football game with a Wicked big twist or create your own game. The bigger the ball the bigger the fun So let the games begin!

Whether or not you are wicked skilled, or wicked competitive, you better be ready to have a wicked good time! Wicked Big Sports Kickball is traditional kickball on a grand scale! Each kickball expands to 25” in diameter – over 3X the size of a traditional kickball! Each Wicked Big Sports kickball set includes 1 oversized kickball, 3 bases, 1 home plate, 1 pump, 3 ball plugs, and 1 plug remover.

Toss it! Catch it! It Sticks! Play a leisurely game of catch or dial-it-up a notch by adding your own tricks using the Wicked Big Sports Catch & Toss set. Each set features two 12" oversized catch pads and one ball.

Wicked Big Sports Horseshoes takes the classic game and gives it a Wicked Big Twist! These oversized horseshoes are perfect for the beach, backyard, or park – and they come with a convenient carry bag for on the go fun! Each set includes 2 stakes and 4 oversized horseshoes (two red and two black). Grab your own set and get ready to throw a ringer!

You’re bound to laugh while playing a competitive game of Wicked Big Sports Basket Heads! Grab a partner and find 2 opposing teammates. One person in each pair jes a basket to their head and then their partner tries to get all four balls into the basket before the other team! It’s a fast-paced, competitive game where you can show off your skills or rely on luck – either way you’re going to look a basket case! Each set includes 2 inflatable baskets with straps and 8 balls.

Ages 6 - 96