Stunt Squadron Foam Fliers


Create, detail and fly a fleet of easy-to-assemble airplanes with Stunt Squadron Foam Fliers!

With the illustrated instructions, kids will assemble 3 foam toy planes and use cool foil stickers to customize. Each foam glider has a wingspan of 7" wide and an aerodynamic shape, this makes assembly easy and allows for maximum travel distance. They'll get some pre-flight tips, master foam flying basics and learn new flying stunts like sideways flight, upside down and wing fling.

Save the box! On the back of the packaging, you'll find pop-out runway and target accessories. Have fun and play with a friend or two. See who can fly the farthest or who can come the closest to the target.

Building these fun craft and play toy planes introduce STEAM learning. Experts recognize that STEAM activities: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math can help kids learn while balancing education with play. The soft airplanes are durable and built to last. Safe indoors or out!

Includes: 3 Foam airplanes with mix and match wings, 1 Sheet of foil stickers, 1 Pop out runway and target and Instructions

Ages 5 - 95