Soak Zone Reusable Water Balloons


Classic water balloon play – with an eco-friendly spin!

Each reusable water balloon features a smart design with sealed and trapped magnets for an easy play experience! Simply open the ball and submerge it in water – let go – and the reusable water balloon fills and seals on its own!

Soft, squishy and tons of fun – each reusable water balloon can be used thousands of times without leaving plastic pieces behind!

Silicone construction is durable enough to be refilled up to 1,000 times yet remains soft and pliable enough for safe splashing. Magnetic absorption and self-sealing technologies ensure quick, easy filling – even for kids. These balloons are a must-have for the backyard, pool, park or beach!

Each pack includes 4 reusable water balloons.

Ages 5 - 94