Alphabet Soup


Are you up for the challenge of spelling short words? In this exciting game, players have three tries to roll three dice and spell a three-letter word, collecting cards for each successful word formed. Perfectly designed for engaging young minds in preschool learning activities and kindergarten learning games, Alphabet Soup transforms the traditional reading experience into an entertaining and enriching adventure. This reading game is a fantastic tool for developing the essential skills of enhanced reading abilities, sight word recognition and spelling mastery, all while having a blast!

Inside the box, you'll find everything you need to kickstart the learning fun: 3 letter dice, 1 dice "soup" can, 4 "soup spelling mats," and 43 word cards. The colorful and engaging design of the game will capture your little one's attention from the moment they open the box, making learning an exciting and enjoyable experience. Roll the dice and prepare to spell your way to victory!

2 - 4 players

Ages 3 years and up