Cat Stax


Whether that could become the main characters of countless cat videos? At least "Cat Stax" could also unlock some players a satisfying purring or a strenuous maunch. Or even introduce an unwanted funny stunt of a cat! But you can rest assured that these are not real cats. Cat Stax includes only 12 colorful plastic cats to be stacked, layered and towered over 44 challenging tasks. A fun challenge from the logicus range by HUCH! The game challenges card lovers and logic friends in 44 tasks (and helps with matching solution cards) in 4 different difficulty levels. Each task shows how many and which cats are needed and how many layers the cat ball can grow. The tasks show colorful areas on which the cats can be cozy. But please do not have a paw hanging over the edge or sharp an ear on the side. This is quite tricky and requires a lot of logical thinking and even more patience - not so easy to tame the cat's castle! Over a total of four difficulty levels, the skills of the cat explorers and lateral thinkers are trained until there is no cat who needs to look for a suitable cuddly place.

 Ages 8 - 98