Flip Flat Easel


Let your kid explore the world of art with the Hape Flip Flat 2-Sided Folding Easel.

This fantastic double-sided free-standing easel combines a chalk blackboard and a marker whiteboard to maximize your artistic ability. The easel's two boards allow your child to practice colorful drawing or precise writing with chalk and markers, perfect for early learning and creative expression. 4 different-colored chalks, 2 marker pens, and 1 board rubber give your child plenty of tools for artistic or educational work. An included easel tray conveniently stores all the art supplies and accessories in a single place, so you never have to search for anything.

The whole art board folds to a super-slim size in a single motion, great for easy storage in any bedroom or playroom. Every child needs a good surface for drawing and writing. Develop your child's self-expression, creativity, and imagination with the Hape Flip Flat 2-Sided Folding Easel.

Ages 3 - 93