Rattle & Roll Toy Car


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Help your child learn to crawl or scoot, improve their hand-eye coordination and build fine motor skills with this gorgeous and simple baby toy. This soft, colorful car can be their first rolling toy, and is also perfect for teething as they explore their sense of touch with their mouth.

The soft, pleasant-smelling toy will keep your baby’s attention as they try to follow it while they roll it, and listen to the delightful sound of the beads in the wheels that click as they roll. Your baby will be determined to move it farther and faster, learning through trial and error how to make it go where they want.

This eco-friendly toy is mostly made of rice material, making it the perfect modern toy for an environmentally-conscious family. It has little oil-based plastic and is BPA-free. It’s completely safe for babies and toddlers.

This developmental, educational toy helps your child learn through sensory exploration, determination and a sense of discovery.

Ages 8 months and up