Rampaging Rex


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Now the dinosaur era may be over, but the Rampaging Rex gives us a chance to admire them. Plodding along at a slow, deliberate pace, the T-Rex is angry and looking for prey. Observe how the Rex methodically plods around, and then push a button on the RC transmitter to watch a thick cloud of fog come out of his mouth, as it simulates a fire-breathing dinosaur.

The Rampaging Rex even comes with three eggs that you put in the dinosaur, and then watch as he “poops” each egg while stomping about. Not only is the Rex terrifying, but also good for a laugh! The way this beast wreaks havoc will evoke memories of Godzilla causing carnage on the streets!

Whats in the box:
Rampaging Rex Dinosaur (some assembly required)
Remote Control
3 Dino Eggs
Water Dropper

Rex requires 3 AA batteries (not included)
Remote requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

Ages 8 - 98