Race Car Transporter


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Hape’s Six Piece Race Car Transporter comes with 6 pieces including an engine with a removable driver, two race cars, and two transporter carriages. The Race Car Transporter can expand to multiple play opportunities – combine with other Hape wooden rail sets. Each transporter carriage has a loading ramp that folds down and the engine roof slides back so driver can be placed inside and removed. Drive Competition and Develop Transport Systems Knowledge This Six Piece Race Car Toy is great for competing and racing against each other, especially when attached to one of Hape's wooden rail tracks. It’s race day and time to get your cars to the track! Put down the loading ramp so the cars can drive onto the transporter, then put the train together. The engine roof slides open so the driver can get in. Good luck on the track! The Race Car Transporter develops hand-eye coordination, promotes dexterity and teaches the kids about different transport modes. What's greater than having a bit of fun whilst learning a few life skills? 

Ages 3 - 5 years