Letters From My Baby's First Year


More than 2.8 million copies sold! One of Oprah's Favorite Things!

The perfect gift for an expecting mom, a new dad, or any parent seeking to create a deeply personal baby keepsake, this set of 12 letter templates will inspire reflection and connection between parent and child.

This book of 12 letters lets parents record memories, hopes, and dreams of their baby's first year. Each month, parents fill out a letter, take a photo of their baby with the matching milestone card and place it in a photo frame, and seal with the enclosed stickers, creating a unique keepsake to treasure forever.

Some people want to know what the 12 letter prompts are before buying, so here they are:

Month 1: You Begin
Month 2: Home Sweet Home
Month 3: Your Words
Month 4: Our Family
Month 5: Lets Play
Month 6: Growing Together
Month 7: My Little Explorer
Month 8: You & Me
Month 9: Hip Hip Hooray!
Month 10 Let's Go!
Month 11: Celebrate
Year 1: Time Flies

Seal letters with the included stickers before giving this to your child—all grown up—as a paper time capsule that captures their first fleeting year.

Ages newborn and up