Micro Mini 2Grow Magic LED Scooter


An innovation in toddler mobility. A multi-adaptable ride-on, trike, toddler scooter, and big kid scooter all in one box!

The Micro Mini2Grow Magic Scooter has four configurations to help keep your kid scooting and active with each stage of development during the first years of their life.

The "Magic" means your kid's handlebars light up in a rainbow of colors with every touch, and bright white LED lights in the wheels glow when the scooter is in motion.

Mini2Grow Scooter Stages:
    • 1️⃣ Parent-Assist-Steered Ride-On Trike (ages 12mo+)
    • 2️⃣ Independent Ride-On Trike (ages 18mo+)
    • 3️⃣ My First Micro Mini Scooter (ages 24mo+)
    • 4️⃣ Big Kid Micro Mini Scooter (ages 2-6 years)

The push bar for the parents can be used vertically, in addition to the standard horizontal position. This means that only one hand is needed for pushing, thus protecting the wrist and muscles.

In addition, the Micro Mini2Grow Magic Scooter offers the best-quality features from across all of Micro’s products, with a height-adjustable handlebar, a patented lean-to-steer mechanism, and an extra grippy footboard for young riders.

SAFETY - We always recommend that riders wear a helmet.

Ages 1 - 6