Math Sandwich


Kids counting tools like the Peaceable Kingdom Math Sandwich game are a fun way to introduce children to the world of numbers and mathematics. Math Sandwich allows your child to open their own sandwich shop and explore various mathematical concepts. While building sandwiches from durable felt food pieces, your child will develop essential counting and number recognition skills.

The game comes with 100 felt sandwich pieces, including bread, cheese, meats and vegetables, allowing for endless combinations and learning opportunities! Ten menu cards provide step-by-step instructions for creating specific sandwiches, encouraging your child to follow along and reinforcing their counting abilities and addition skills. Once you get the hang of things, put your creativity skills to the test as you brainstorm new food combinations to try on your sandwiches. You may just find something yummy to try in real life!

Play alone or use the guest check to take orders from customers of your sandwich shop, using the dry erase marker to practice writing numbers and menu items on the included guest check tablet. An ideal addition to autism learning materials as well as general toddler learning activities and educational games, this preschool math game is a versatile activity for toddlers and young children alike!

1 - 4 players

Ages 3 years and up