Magna Tiles Metropolis 110 Piece Set


Prepare to be ah-mazed. Metropolis is our largest set yet, so children can build anything their imagination desires — from city skylines to medieval fortresses to outer space colonies — and dream up the stories that bring them to life. Get caught up in hours of meaningful play with unique, magnetic tiles in our most vivid colors yet, along with several pieces only available in this MAGNA-TILES® set.

The variety of pieces helps develop kids’ creative thinking, language, cognitive, motor, social and emotional skills.

What's inside?
56 Squares
2 Large Squares
12 Equilateral Triangles
12 Right Triangles
10 Isosceles Triangles
2 Wheeled Chassis
1 Large Rectangle
2 Staircases
4 Quarter Circles
1 Spinner
6 Windows
1 Door
1 Arch

110 pieces

Ages 3 - 93