Magna Tiles Dino World


Volcanic explosions, molten lava, and ferocious dinosaurs are bursting onto the scene! This Dino World set features oversized, fully-magnetic dinosaurs and brightly-colored, volcanic-themed magnetic tiles for play potential that never goes extinct.

The 40 Piece Set Includes: Four magnetic dinosaur figurines - Pteranodon (blue) T-Rex (red) Stegosaurus (green) and Velociraptor (purple). Figurine sizes vary (3″ to 6″). 24 Classic Small Squares. 6 Classic Right Triangles. 1 Large Rectangle. 1 Small Rectangle. 4 Quarter Circles.

The 50 Piece Set Includes: Six magnetic dinosaur figurines - Pteranodon (red), T-Rex (green), Stegosaurus (yellow), Velociraptor (blue), Triceratops (purple) and Brachiosaurus (Slate Blue). 6 XL Squares. 6 XL Right Triangles. 4 XL Equilateral Triangles. 8 Classic Small Squares. 2 Classic Right Triangles. 16 Dino Leaves. 2 Extendable Tree Bases.

Each dinosaur has movable parts ready for action and imaginary play! Sparks a curiosity for STEAM topics, including paleontology.

Ages 3 - 93