MACK Granite Tow Truck with BRUDER roads


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Tow trucks are versatile helpers in road traffic. Regardless of whether you are loading damaged vehicles and taking them to the repair shop or removing vehicles that have been parked incorrectly. A new addition to the BRUDER range is the MACK GRANITE tow truck equipped with many functions. The platform can be lowered so that vehicles can be recovered. In addition, a vehicle can also be loaded with the lifting crane. This can be extended and swiveled. The loading gear, consisting of chains and wheel claws, enables safe and quick lifting and loading. Wheel chocks and fold-out supports provide a secure hold and tread tires complete the vehicle. The detailed cab of the MACK truck has doors that can be opened and the mirrors of the cab can be folded in. The new BRUDER roadster has a removable roof and offers space for every bworld figure. For even more fun, the BRUDER Roadster has the new wheel changing system.

Ages 4 - 94