MACK Granite Flatbed Truck with JCB Loader


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The 'incredibly' realistic driver's cab has doors that can be opened, and a tilting engine bonnet, which provides a view of the engine block. Foldable rear-view mirrors, and a cab accented with chrome make this truck a true feast for the eyes of every truck fan. A pair of winches secure the vehicles during transport. The access ramps can be folded down. Tread tires complete the picture. This item includes a JCB 4CX Backhoe which is more than enough to handle even the biggest projects.

The backhoe has a fully functional front loading bucket. The backhoe arm moves up and down and swings from left to right. The stabilizer legs of this backhoe extend to the ground. The operators seat swings around 360 degrees just like the real thing. Soft tread tires complete the picture.

Ages 4 - 94