Lucky Tickets for Kids


Looking for a cool gift idea for girls or boys? These tickets grant kids awesome gifts that will make them feel like they hit the jackpot!

The twelve shining tickets inside this booklet are a kid's dream come true, redeemable for fun surprises like dessert for breakfast or an escape from chores for a day. Each ticket is decked out with the magic of gold foil, and there's even a blank ticket to customize with a personalized gift. Easy to slip into a card, lunchbox, or pocket, these gilded tickets are a perfect way to make kids feel special on any occasion.

Give the whole booklet at once on holidays or birthdays, or reward good behavior by giving out one at a time! Perfect for: Parents and grandparents looking for cool stuff for the cool kids in their livesAnyone shopping for easy birthday party, stocking stuffer, or graduation gifts for kids from kindergarten through tweens and teens.

Fun for all ages 3 - 93