Lego 21255 - Minecraft The Nether Portal Ambush


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Bring the hugely popular Minecraft game to life with this action-packed Nether portal Minecraft toy. LEGO Minecraft The Nether Portal Ambush gives players endless build-and-play adventures featuring an iconic cast of Minecraft action figures and mobs. Kids who like Minecraft adventures will love this battle-scene model, which makes a great gift for gamers. This building toy for kids features an Orc-warrior figure with a custom skin travelling through a Minecraft Nether portal to the border between the Crimson Forest and the Basalt Deltas. As players explore the forest’s mushroom-filled trees, they must battle a series of the game’s popular mobs: 2 magma cubes, a hoglin with its finger-controlled butting head, and a Minecraft ghast figure that shoots discs from its mouth. For added thrills, the ghast has a reputation for destroying portals, trapping players forever! Young builders will also love the LEGO Builder app, which lets users to zoom in, rotate in 3D and track progress.

352 pieces

Ages 8 - 98