Lego 21253 Minecraft The Animal Sanctuary


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LEGO Minecraft The Animal Sanctuary is a versatile brick building gift idea for gamers and kids. This set includes 6 Minecraft animals for girls and boys to care for, and the first appearance of LEGO Minecraft figure Efe for gaming-action role play. This plains biome animal set can be built into 3 areas: a fenced-in play-space with a gate and a room housing a chest full of animal food; including a bone, a carrot and wheat; a picnic area with a table beneath a tree; and a carpet where tired animals can rest. Also included is the animal caretaker, Efe, the set’s baby mobs including a Minecraft cat, magenta sheep, wolf, rabbit, cow… and even a Minecraft Baby Zombie. This LEGO Minecraft building set for kids is the perfect video game toy gift for gamers, kids and animal lovers. It encourages independent role play and integrates easily with other LEGO Minecraft toys (sold separately). For extra digital fun, the LEGO Builder app allows builders to zoom in, rotate models in 3D and track their progress.

206 pieces

Ages 7 - 97