Lego 21252 Minecraft The Armory


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Minecraft players will love to get hands-on with the video game toys and features from The Armory building set. This LEGO Minecraft building kit is a great gift idea for kids, providing players with the perfect gateway to creative Minecraft adventures. This buildable gaming toy for kids includes 203 pieces, with 2 familiar figures: Minecraft Action Hero Alex, with her shield and diamond sword, as well as the industrious Armorsmith. Adventurers will have 3 environments to explore: the work area, with an anvil, furnace, grindstone and lava-filled cauldron; the armor display room, with its chest containing a golden axe, the enchanted trident, netherite sword, shield and other Minecraft resources; and the Nether portal, with its swinging-door entrance to players’ next adventure. This Minecraft adventure toy is also a role-play extension set, combining easily with other LEGO Minecraft sets, particularly The Nether Portal Ambush (21255), sold separately.

203 pieces

Ages 7 - 97