Lego 21247 - Minecraft The Axolotl House


Treat Minecraft players to hands-on underwater adventures featuring one of the game’s cutest creatures – the axolotl. LEGO Minecraft The Axolotl House brings Minecraft’s creative construction and imaginative action into the real world for players aged 7 and up. Kids use their Minecraft skills to build a giant, brightly colored house shaped like the game’s popular and adorable axolotl. They then join an underwater explorer for endless adventures featuring a treasure-seeking dolphin, puffer fish, 2 adult axolotls, an axolotl in a bucket and a hidden treasure chest. The structure of this Minecraft toy for 7 year old kids features a lift-off roof that gives easy access to a furnished interior, including a smelting furnace and a sponge to suck up any water leaks. But when an underwater zombie attacks, players must grab a sword and join the axolotls to defend their deep-sea base. For added digital fun, builders can zoom in, rotate sets in 3D and track progress using the fun, intuitive LEGO Builder app.

242 pieces

Ages 7 - 97