Lego 21242 - Minecraft The End Arena


Minecraft battles don’t come more epic than when they take place in LEGO Minecraft The End Arena. Players will need all their Minecraft skills to survive the action in this fun, hands-on set. Minecraft players bring an End warrior and a dragon archer Minecraft figures together for battle in the legendary End Arena. The combatants are equipped with armor, but there are other hazards to overcome if they wish to survive. A push of a launcher sends lava blocks shooting from the mouth of the Minecraft Ender Dragon statue that towers over the arena and a movable floor slides apart to reveal a pool of lava beneath the competitors’ feet. Additional play possibilities are inspired by 2 popular Minecraft mobs – an enderman figure and a shulker – and familiar accessories from the game, including a golden carrot and a potion. For added digital fun, the LEGO Builder app features intuitive zoom and rotate tools that let kids visualize their Minecraft construction toys as they build. LEGO Minecraft building toys give players a hands-on way to enjoy their favorite game with LEGO bricks.  LEGO Minecraft The End Arena measures over 5 in. high, 6.5 in. wide and 5 in.

252 pieces

Ages 8 - 98