Look What I Found at the Beach


Open your senses to a world of wonder by taking a walk along the beach!

Set off on an adventure and find natural treasures, from spiraled seashells to discarded mermaid's purses. Then learn more about the marine plants and creatures in this fact-filled guide to the outdoors.

This fun- and science-filled work unobtrusively offers three elements that can draw young readers in and keep them going. . . Verona’s bright, primary-colored, digital images portray lively beach exploration . . . This will be fun for grown-ups to read with children, as they can do the seek-and-find together.

With lovely cartoon tableaux of shells, rocks, crabs, birds, fossils and other seaside sights, this fact-packed book works as a search-and-find story, a field guide, and a narrative of a day of beach exploration.
—The Virginian Pilot

32 pages

Ages 2 - 5 years