LOL Surprise! Dolls


LOL Surprise Queens dolls come with their own throne and a tiara that you can wear! Unbox 9 Surprises with LOL Surprise Queens dolls, including fashions and majestic accessories! Each doll comes with a secret message, a sash, bottle, accessory, fashion outfit, and shoes. Plus, the handle of the ball detaches to become a Wear & Share Tiara for girls to put in their hair!
There are 5 pairs of Queens BFFs in the collection! Selfie Queen, Mystery Queen, Shine On Queen, Double Queen and Study Queen never leave the castle without bringing a selfie of their BFFs with them! Surprises and celebrations are why Queens rule! LOL Surprise Queens dolls have a water surprise. Will your Queens doll color change in cold water or warm water? Or will it cry, spit or tinkle? Feed or bathe your LOL Queens doll to find out.

LOL Surprise Me & My Lil Sis Color Change  Get ready for an unboxing experience like you’ve never seen before with the new 2-n-1 surprise Collection! Each set comes with 2 balls that detach and reveal 2 unique dolls that undergo color change surprises when placed in water. You can even dip your dolls in the ball they come with! These re-released fan favorite pairs include 15 surprises and a special water surprise when you feed your doll. Each ball comes with 2 LOL Surprise Me & My Lil Sis Color Change Surprise dolls and multiple accessories Collect all 9-brand new 2-n-1 LOL Surprise Me & My Lil Sis Color Change Surprise pairs and complete the set!

Ages 4 - 94