LOL Surprise! Dolls


Mix & Make Birthday Cake dolls. These Tots are ready to walk the runway in their cake dress creations that you design! Each L.O.L. Surprise! Mix & Make Birthday Cake™ doll comes with three mixes, and decorative glitter to design the cake dress of your dreams! Simply pour the ingredients, add water, let set, and decorate to make a colorful, sparkly cake dress for your doll! Your child will have so much fun choosing how they design and decorate their cake, then once the mold has set the birthday cake becomes a beautiful dress you can style and display! Every doll comes with unique fashions and detailed accessories to reveal. L.O.L. Surprise! Mix & Make Birthday Cake Tot includes 3 colorful ingredients, cake mold, fashion, accessories, spatula, and glitter sprinkles for decorating. Collect all 9 LOL Surprise Mix & Make Birthday Cake dolls and create so many different dresses and styles.

Water Balloon Surprise dolls. Discover L.O.L.’s newest innovation, Tots with real water balloons for hair! These Tots have so many surprises and 4 fun ways to play! There are 9 fan-favorite characters to collect, like Unicorn, Fresh, Sugar, and more, with unique balloon hairstyles to reveal! Each Tot comes with two different styles of balloons (classic and squishy) and fabulous fashions and accessories to unbox! Using an included adaptor, fill your classic style balloons with water, then break them with a SPLAT to reveal your fabulous accessory inside for an epic unboxing experience! There are two ways to fill up your balloons! Attach your squishy balloons to your Tot’s hair with a click, then “feed” her using the included bottle, as she drinks, her squishy balloon will fill up to reveal a gorgeous balloon hairstyle! You can also attach the included adapter to a bottle or faucet to fill the balloons! Squishy balloons are filled with beautiful sparkles and can be reused again and again for endless fun! For even more added fun, use your bottle as a squirt toy! L.O.L. Surprise Tot includes 8 surprises: (1) L.O.L. Surprise! Water Balloon Surprise! Doll; (2) Outfit; (3) Shoes; (4) Bottle; (5) Accessory; (6) 1 or 2 Reusable Squishy Balloons; (7) 6 Classic Balloons; (8) Sticker. And 4 ways to play! Collect all 9 L.O.L. Surprise! Water Balloon Surprise! Dolls! 

Ages 4 - 94