Hot Wheels Track Builder Unlimited


Hot Wheels Track Builder Unlimited is all about experimenting and developing skills that drive problem solving and fuels creativity! Choose from one of 7 different Track Builders that lets kids BUILD, STUNT, and BOOST their Hot wheels to epic levels! Each set includes one Hot Wheels car.

Rev 'n Launch Challenge - Boosts problem solving as ​kids launch their car by cranking to get the maximum speed and measure it with the speedometer dial on the track!

Curve Kicker Pack is part of the Boost category, and adds momentum to turns at any angle! The Curve Kicker is adjustable and goes from a U-turn to a 180-degrees to add 'oomph' to your tracks.

The Fold Up Track Pack is part of the BUILD category and helps kids create unique tracks with 12 feet of straight track and 5 hinge connectors and additional basic track connectors.

The Loop Kicker Pack adds momentum to kid's cars when doing a stunt with loop acceleration, whether they're racing or gearing up to do an even bigger stunt!

The Long Jump Pack gives kids an innovative stunt with a "flippable" ramp that offers kids flexibility to go the same route without taking the jump! Includes a launcher, track, and cross connectors for making memorable stunt jumps.

​The Premium Curve Pack is part of the BUILD category and helps kids create unique tracks with premium 90-degree curved track pieces, as well as 12-inch and 6-inch straight track! These premium tracks look awesome and have great performance. Create an oval raceway, test your skills with s-turns, and more.

The Multi Loop Box includes 10 feet of track, connectors, launcher, Hot Wheels vehicle, and Stunt Box. It's all about open-ended stunting, experimentation, and the crazy loop action kids can create! The lid and bin are integrated into the play with 8 places to connect track on the lid and 2 scoring buckets on the bottom of the bin! Conquer the mega loop stunt, double loop challenge or the loop 'n launch showdown— variations for re-configurability that drive problem solving and rev creativity! The set is brick compatible and all the pieces have more than one use, so kids can keep their imaginations—and their tracks—growing with a series of endless builds.

The Straight Track Pack includes track and connectors to extend your layout by 3 feet. Choose from 3 different track colors. Car not included.

Ages 6 - 96