HexBug Nano Land


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Watch as these autonomous robotic crawling toys use vibration technology to explore every nook and cranny, scurry across the floor and flip themselves over, just like real bugs!

40+ PIECES: Use these Hexbug building toys to create your own Nano Bugs world! With 2 Merry Go-Rounds and flexible, connectable walls, you can create a racetrack or watch your Hex Bugs explore! Batteries included!

SENSORY KID TOYS: The Hex bugs nano bugs are the perfect sensory toy for kids and pets, with light-up fun designs and insect-like crawling motion to keep them engaged. Promote creativity and learning with the Hexbugs Nano toy building sets (each sold separately)!

COLLECT THEM ALL: Build your bug collection of nanos and create your own playground with the Hexbugs toy figures & playsets! Add tracks and obstacles to create a whole new world of Hexbugs Nano Bugs!

Ages 8 - 98