Geo Stacking Rocks


Support the enhancement of early childhood development skills with the PlanToys Geo Stacking Rocks. This set of wooden gems can be stacked together in a variety of ways to build unique towers and landscapes. Children will enjoy seeing how the different shapes stack together and understanding the fundamentals of balance. The end goal is to stack all the rock building blocks together without letting the rocks fall. Not only are the stacking rocks fun to play with, but they are also beautiful additions to your play area in a classroom or home!

Additionally, these blocks develop essential skills, like fine motor, hand-eye coordination, and concentration. They also encourage interaction with peers, as children can compete against one another to see who can balance the building rocks and keep them balanced. Language skills, relational skills, and children’s vocabulary will enhance when playing with friends.

Cleverly made from 'Plan Wood', the material is composed from excess wood shavings and less than 1% of formaldehyde-free E-zero glue. The process requires no harsh chemicals, making these builders beautiful, clean and sustainable! They are also easy to clean.

Ages 3 - 93