Friendship Bracelet Maker


Beyond candy stripes and chevrons- By mastering 4 knots and following the color-coded pattern on the roll, designs quickly take shape that were once too time-consuming, complex, and out of reach for the casual bracelet maker. All materials and bracelet patterns store neatly inside the maker.

This beautiful and time-saving friendship bracelet maker offers the perfect playtime activity for tweens to explore their creativity. Create bracelets so great that friends will think they were purchased from a store!

1 Friendship Bracelet Maker unit
10 friendship bracelet pattern templates
3 thread colors 22 m (24 yd)
3 thread colors 18 m (19.7 yd)
2 thread colors 13 m (14.2 yd)
60 assorted beads
20 buttons
1 instruction sheet

Ages 8 - 98