Forensic Investigation Kit


Can you identify an unknown liquid or powder? What secrets become visible under a UV light? How do you analyze fingerprints, soil, ink, and handwriting samples? Assume the role of a forensic scientist to find out! Perform experiments on evidence in this large laboratory station using chemical and physical techniques. Analyze solids and liquids, make a fluorescent solution, inspect invisible ink, lift fingerprints, look for counterfeit bills, and examine ink using chromatography. The experiments are accompanied by exciting stories of make-believe mysteries and crimes to solve. Examine evidence in the laboratory, conduct fascinating experiments, discover hidden secrets with the UV flashlight, fingerprint powder, pH test strips, and more! From Spy Labs, the Detective Gear Experts!

Includes a large laboratory setup with materials needed to collect and analyze evidence, such as a UV flashlight, fingerprint powder, pH test strips, and more.
The 20-page, full-color manual guides kids through experiments as they assume the role of a forensic scientist, solving make-believe crimes and mysteries presented in the manual.

Ages 8 - 98