Fold & Launch Paper Airplanes


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Ready, set, LAUNCH! Create 80 paper airplanes through the art of paper folding with Creativity for Kids Fold & Launch Paper Airplanes! From easy to medium skill level, our paper airplane designs were chosen so everyone will have fun. Just fold, add detail with fun foil stickers, and launch your paper airplanes to new heights! This complete craft kit comes with everything that young pilots need to fold, detail and launch their planes across the room, just add imagination! Create a colorful and shimmering fleet with 80 sheets of paper in a variety of different patterns and sizes, then add foil stickers that will shine as they glide across your yard. Paper airplane kit comes with bonus 6 special patterned papers to create a dragon, butterfly, bird, rocket, rainbow and meteor look alike planes. Beginners to paper crafts can use step-by-step illustrated instructions and online videos to guide them as they create 5 different types of paper airplanes! After folding and detailing use the included quick-pull launchers to fling your paper airplanes across the room. Paper airplane launchers are made of sturdy cardstock and use the tension from a rubber band to propel the planes faster and farther! Learning new craft techniques like paper folding builds motor skills, promotes problem solving, and encourages open-ended creativity.

Ages 6 - 96