Cranium 25th Anniversary Edition


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The Cranium 25th Anniversary Edition brings the over-the-top fun and gameplay that made it a must-have for every board game library and makes it a must-play for a new generation of party-game players. Everyone Shines when playing this outrageous game of sketching, acting, humming, sculpting, picture-puzzling, and word unscrambling. And players who grew up with Cranium will have a blast in reconnecting with the original laugh-out-loud fun, but with a fresh new game design and all-new content.

The definitive new edition of the smash-hit party game Cranium!
Play on the colorfully cool, retro-sleek Cranium Capsule that also serves as a caddy to neatly store all the game components.
The original characters are back: Data Head, Word Worm, Creative Cat, and Star Performer bring the fun with 800 all-new questions and challenges across 18 classic and new activities.

What's in the box:
Cranium Board Game
24 Colored Pegs
2 Movers
200 Cards
8 Bonus Coins
2 Whiteboards
2 Markers
Cranium Clay
Sand Timer
2 Reference Sheets

4 or more players

Ages 12 - 112