Dig It Up! Giant Pirate Discovery


Inside this treasure chest, you’ll find all kinds of amazing pirate treasure including a gold doubloon, a piece of silver, various gems and more!

Dig It Up! Giant Pirate Discovery comes with 2 chisels for 1 or 2 little discoverers! There is a total of 5 genuine excavation tools – including a brush, hammer and sponge!

Soak the treasure chest in water, then chisel away to discover your pirate treasures. The included mini dig contains an extra treasure! Rinse them off for a collection of pirate loot.

Includes: 1 treasure-filled treasure chest measures approx. 7” long, a mini dig, 13 total treasures, 2 chiseling tools, 1 hammer, 1 excavation brush, 1 sponge, an 18” x 24” infographic pirate poster and a guidebook/journal.

Ages 4 - 94