Build & Grow Tree House


Create your own DIY treehouse playset with this classic arts and craft activity for kids! Combine a variety of crafting techniques like, painting, building, and growing to create a treehouse toy that you can play and pretend with long after the crafting is complete! The Creativity for Kids Build and Grow Treehouse comes with everything you need to build, decorate, and play! Just add imagination for a fun and engaging gift for boys and girls. This complete craft kit includes 3D wooden tree house puzzle cut-outs, quick grow chia seeds, miniature woodland animal critters, assorted stickers, cardstock cut-outs, soil-free jute grow mats, plastic grow trays, water dropper, faux leaves, 2-sided adhesive dots, paint brush, small painting sponge, craft glue, string, sandpaper and illustrated instructions. Making your own treehouse playset involves watercolor painting, assembling 3D wooden boards to create a treehouse, decorating with stickers, and growing your own chia seeds to resemble tree leaves. The fun and vibrant stickers will create fun treehouse accessories that you can engage and play with like a tire swing, bicycle, table and more! Easy-grow chia seeds and grow mats make the gardening process easy and mess-free for boys and girls. When you are done crafting, growing, and decorating - play with the included mini animal critters and go on a magical treehouse adventure! Kids will love making up stores, playing, and pretending with the treehouse playset! This complete craft activity is a great gift for any creative child in your life! Kids will have fun completing this classic craft activity independently or working as a team to make a DIY treehouse toy!

Ages 6 - 96