Bebe Calin Baby Dolls


A doll helps kids "build” their first emotions: they observe their parents and start imitating them when they take care of their baby doll the way their parents take care of them. This gives a child a sense of emotional security they can take with them wherever they go. Corolle Bébé Calin dolls, available in a variety of styles, are a perfect first doll to encourage nurturing play.

12-Inch Bébé Calin Dolls have a cuddly, soft beanbag body, so they can be posed like a real baby. With soft and supple vinyl, premium fabrics and sturdy seam stitching of the limbs to the soft body, Bébé Calin dolls are flexible and durable to provide long-lasting hands-on play.

Bébé Calin Dolls eyes, which are securely inserted for more security, close when they are put down for a nap or at bedtime, also like a real baby.

Ages 18 months and up