Art-Chitect 3D Home Design Kit


Bring your design dreams to life! Art-chitect teaches aspiring architects about drawing, design and architecture while you create your own 3-D home model. Work with real architect tools like floor plan grids, tracing paper and more as you learn what it takes to be a professional architect. Or just indulge a hobby and have fun building 3-D models!

Everything you need to create your own home model and learn the basics of architecture is included. Just open the box and get to work!

INCLUDES: Floor Plan Grid, 2 Base Boards, 36 Walls, 10 Tracing Paper Sheets, 4 Patterned Paper, 5 Floor Plan Sheets, 3 Wall Cling Sheets, Dry Erase Marker, Drafting Pencil, 8 Colored Pencils, Eraser, T-Ruler, Drafting Triangle with Protractor, Compass, Glue Stickers, Glue Stick.

Ages 8 - 98