LOL Surprise! Dolls


Introducing LOL Surprise Bubble Surprise! These tots are ready to swim in a sea of glittery bubbles that YOU create! Pour the broken heart pieces and water into the top of your LOL Surprise ball, twist, then watch as the glittery bubble reaction changes color and reveals your own collectible doll and surprises! These tots have a blast playing both in and out of their sparkly bubbles. Find all the different ball and bubble colors, including the rare rose gold ball with matching glitter! Feed or bathe your Bubble Surprise doll for a water surprise! Will your tot cry, spit, tinkle, or color change in cold water? Collect all 12 LOL Surprise Bubble Surprise dolls for the ultimate glittery bubble party!

Introducing LOL Surprise Sunshine Makeover with brand-new sunshine color change! Simply take your tot into sunlight to watch the color change reveal! Each Sunshine Makeover doll has her own unique color change transformation her fashion, hair, or makeup/body! Watch the color change disappear and reappear when you take your tot from shade to sun and back. Feed your doll for a water surprise! Will she spit, cry, or tinkle? Each LOL Surprise Sunshine Makeover Doll includes 8 surprises. Collect all 12 brand-new LOL Surprise Sunshine Makeover dolls!

Introducing Mini LOL Surprise Move & Groove! Your favorite OMG fashion dolls have gone mini! Each Mini doll is an exact replica of their 10” fashion doll, including their signature looks and an accessory. The ball also opens to reveal a unique, MOVING playset for hours of all-in-one, imaginative play! Will you get a doll that can spin on her playset, like Roller Chick, or a moving grooving playset like Cheer Diva? Or will you get a half-pipe ball playset for Skatepark Q.T. to shred on her skateboard? Collect all 12 Mini LOL Surprise Move & Groove dolls and have some larger-than-life fun on a mini scale!

Ages 4 - 94