WOWmazing Giant Bubble Kit


Make unimaginably Giant Bubbles!

These giant bubble wands create long, GIANT bubbles thanks to a 2-handle design, which has been used to set every big bubble world record in the last 30 years. Passers-by will be sure to say "WOW... Amazing"!

Bubble Solution is Made in the USA! The WOWmazing Giant Bubble Concentrate is proudly made in the USA. It is safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable! We focus on quality and you can trust you're getting a premium, reliable, and superior product.

Choose from 2 kits and a refill 3-pack:

Giant Bubble Original Kit: The 4-piece WOWmazing Kit contains everything you need to create bubbles that are big, colorful, and fun: a set of giant bubble makers, 2 pouches of WOWmazing Bubble Concentrate, and a Tip & Tricks booklet to help you become a master bubble creator! All you need iis a buckey and water.

Giant Bubble Grab-n-Go Kit: Are you traveling? Planning to spend fun time at the beach, park, camping and don't have a bucket handy? Then this kits for you because the bag converts into a bucket! You heard it right… no need to bring a bucket. All you need is water.

Bubble Concentrate Refill: Even though we recommend it be used with our WOWmazing wands, this bubble solution 3-pack works well with bubble machines, bubble swords, bubble hoops, bubble guns, or any bubble toys!

Ages 6 - 96