Trainimo Jungle


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Little train masters will love pulling this locomotive around the room as they pick up and drop off their beloved passengers from station to station. Slot the animals into position in a variety of ways - sometimes, a cheeky passenger may even prefer to stand on board, which now requires extra care as you chug off - lest he falls and hurts himself!

Thoughtfully made with extra chunky animal pieces that ensures ease of handling by little fingers; and which allows them to be used in other forms of play too. Hone fine motor skills by stacking them as pyramids, straight lines, or even build a wall - better yet, complement them with basic building blocks to recreate small world play!

• Gross motor skills
• Eye-hand coordination
• Manual dexterity
• Visual-perceptual skills
• Spatial reasoning and logical thinking
• Tactile learning
• Language and communicative skills
• Creativity and imagination

All pieces are thoughtfully crafted from wood with round edges and smooth contours to mitigate mishaps during play. Whimsical illustrations are also applied through a thermal process instead of being painted on, ensuring that the colours will not chip or flake away over time.

Includes: 1 train with 6 carriages and 11 wooden animals (1 lion, 1 koala, 1 panda, 1 crocodile, 1 giraffe, 1 hippopotamus, 1 tiger, 1 elephant, 1 bear, 1 monkey and 1 zebra).

Ages 18 months and up