Zoob Inventors Kit

  • Zoob Inventors Kit
  • Zoob Inventors Kit

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ZOOB is a building set with a difference-the pieces move after kids put them together. So kids can play with their ZOOB creations, instead of just looking at them. ZOOB pieces snap, click, and pop together to form joints that rotate, limbs that extend, axles that spin, and lots more. Kids can create simple models in minutes, or get absorbed and spend hours at a time. There's no limit to what they can build: from animals to aliens, from dinosaurs to DNA.

The ZOOB Inventors' Kit showcases kids and their creativity--it features the winners from our Inventors' Contest, their creations, the story behind their inventions, and the materials kids need to enter next year's contest. It includes 100 ZOOB pieces, each of which comes with a lifetime guarantee, instrucions, and the Official Inventors' Contest Entry Form.

Ages 6 - 96