Where's Squeaky?


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An incredibly adorable new way to play hide and seek!

While everyone else holds their eyes closed, one player runs and finds a place to hide Squeaky the Mouse. Once you find a spot to hide it, press the button underneath, then run back to your friends to tell them it's time to start searching.

Quietly at first, Squeaky giggles and voices clues. The longer players take to find it, the louder it gets. Then, once it's found - hurry! - Return it to the cheese box so it can finish its meal!

Now the player who found it gets to hide it and start the fun all over again!

Classic fun becomes cuter and more giggly with the playfully interactive game of Hide 'N Squeak. Requires 2 AAA batteries (included).

2 - 10 players

Ages 4 - 94