Weebles My Smart House


Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down!

Play and explore in the Weebles Smart House! Drop them down the chimney and onto the bed, then flip ‘em off the bed and down the slide—wheeee! From there they go to the potty before a virtual visit with grandma and grandpa! Then take another slide—wheeee!—down to the kitchen for a snack and a swing ride! My Smart House is jam packed with action and excitement on every floor and comes with the Smart House (some assembly required) 2 Weebles Characters, 3 AA Batteries, 2 Chimney Pieces, 3 Wall Pieces, Second Floor, Bottom Floor, Top Floor, Roof, 2 Slides, 3 Swing Pieces, Guard Rails, Instructions. Press the Smart Speaker for over 30 sounds and songs!

Ages 1 year and up