Washable Sidewalk Chalk 40pc Deluxe Set


It’s a kaleidoscope of creativity! The Washable Sidewalk Chalk Paint Deluxe Set includes everything you need to create big art outdoors. Paint fun rainbows, leave bright messages for your friends, and a whole lot more! Take your colorful imagination outdoors and let it run wild for hours on end. Just add water to the powder, stir it up, then paint your heart out! Every sidewalk is your canvas—with Washable Sidewalk Chalk Paint! Includes 3 paint cans, 6 jumbo markers, 20 chalk powder packs, 4 brushes, 2 roller brushes, 2 stencils, 3 stir sticks, and mixing tray. 40 pieces total!

Key features: Loads of chalk paint in an assortment of colors —use them individually or even mix them together for a whole new color! Jumbo markers and foam brushes —Write or draw and quickly paint large spaces. There are multiple ways to add great designs to your paintings! An array of stencils and mixing tools are included to keep the fun going! Chalk paint easily washes away with water Certified Non-Toxic

Ages 3 - 93