The Young Scientists Club Future Veterinarian


Explore all things animals with The Young Scientists Club Future Veterinarian kit! From discovering how to read X-rays of exotic animals and household pets to encouraging empathy and learning how to care for animals, this set is jam-packed with 13 activities to engage little learners! Discover what it takes to become a veterinarian and learn how they treat animals through the use of a working stethoscope, creating a plaster cast, suturing a foam dog, and more.

SET INCLUDES: 1 Blue Latex Balloon, 1 Ridge Wrap, 2 Funnels, 1 Mini Craft Stick, 1 PVC Tubing, Die-Cut Cat Pieces, 3-Piece Foam Dog, 1 Dog Cone, 1 Sheet of Paper, 1 Blue Non-Woven Fabric Sheet, 1 Skein of Nylon Cording (Pink, 100 in.), 1 Plastic Tapestry Needle, 2 Secret Message Viewers (1 Blue, 1 Red), 1 Bonus Poster, Easy-to-Follow Instructions

Ages 5 - 95