The Enchanted Castle

  • The Enchanted Castle
  • The Enchanted Castle

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Unfold and piece together your very own princess adventure with this vibrant case that opens up to transform into a huge castle while all kinds of puzzle pieces, wooden play figures, and cardboard cutouts spill out, ready and waiting for you to bring them to life.

Choose which side of the puzzle pieces you prefer - Bright pink and yellow or soothing blues and greens - And then piece them together to create the castle grounds.  There's a moat that leads to the castle's front door, gates to block off the beautiful backyard, and detailed pathways for strolling through the garden!

Once you've fit together all the cardboard cutout accessories - Including shrubbery, trees, a fountain, a dining table, and more - It's time to start the story with the princess, her sisters, the prince, and a unicorn-drawn carriage that's sure to lead to a happy ending.

Includes: 7 Wooden Accessories, 21 Cardboard Accessories, and a large 16 piece puzzle that forms the garden and moat around the castle. The castle folds up to create a sweet carrying case!

Ages 4 - 8