Tatoo Xylo Roller

  • Tatoo Xylo Roller
  • Tatoo Xylo Roller

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Xylo Roller is a beautiful little pull-along, play-along toy, and a fabulous start to music.

Combining two things little kids love to do - make music and be on the move!  Delightful musical notes chime in a lovely diatonic scale. Metal plates on solid wood ring out sweet music. Just pick up the wooden mallets and fun escalates.

It's never to early to help children develop an ear for music. Tapping the plates up and down, children identify pitch, discover scale, and begin to recognize notes. Large and fine motor skills roll in as children play and wheel their Xylo Roller along.

Xylo Roller
  • Bright, portable rolling, diatonic scale xylophone
  • One toy for two purposes: making music and active play!
  • Encourages early musical development, pitch, note recognition
  • Develops fine motor and gross motor skills
  • Colored metal plates securely attached
  • Modern design, scaled just right for children
  • Features 8 plates/notes - diatonic musical scale
  • Includes 2 wooden mallets
  • Slide mallets into rear holes for storage
  • Red string attached for easy pulling
  • Smooth rubber-lined wheels
  • Dimensions approximately 11 x 9 inches
  • Beautiful solid wood design
  • High quality construction
  • Ages 18 months and up