Stencil Art


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Let art take shape! This is a kit about shapes and spaces.

You'll find the shapes on the four plastic stencil sheets. With the stencils, you cam make perfectly shaped shapes every time.  The spaces are the blank areas that are all yours. Go ahead, stencil right in the book. Stencil anything you want. They sky's not even the limit.

You can make endless unique works of art with an 8-color pigment ink pad, 8 foam-tip dabbers, Black felt-tip pen, 4 pages of stencils with 72 different shapes.

What you'll need: Old newspaper, Tissues or paper towels, Removable tape, a Scratch pad.

This kit includes a 48-page book of detailed instructions, brightly-colored images, and themed blank pages.

Along the way you will learn important tips and tricks about color mixing, sketching and perspective. Skills that will help guide you to beautiful works of art.

Ages 8 - 108