KUBU Track System


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Kubu is the perfect combination of wood and plastic parts and highlights the advantages of each material making this sturdy play system one that will last for your kid's entire childhood - and beyond.

Construction Site
This Kullerbu set features an awesome construction site section. In which a loader can push the ball along the track, thanks to a momentum motor, and down the construction site into the waiting dump truck. Featuring two construction vehicles, 2 balls, and a sign.

Spiral Track
This adaptable and expandable ball track has crazy curves for Paul the ball to speed around with entertaining special effects. The 26 piece set includes 1 archway with little bell, 1 steep plastic ball curve, 5 wooden curve tracks, 2 wooden straight tracks, 2 wooden columns, 5 plastic floor connectors, 1 plastic connector, 1 plastic base, 1 starting block, 1 wooden Paul ball, 1 wooden ball, 5 decorative blocks.

Jump Into Car Dominos
Watch as the Bret Boomer jumps into the car and races off on the track. This set includes mechanics lift/ball drop section, 1 starting block, 1 curved ramp, 1 exit ramp 1 column, 3 connectors, 1 red ball-convertible, 1 Bert Boomer, and 5 dominoes.

All Kubu sets make a great standalone set, or a great addition to any Kubu set.

Ages: 2 years and up