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  • Rock & Rhythm Band

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Designed perfectly for the smallest percussionists, this kit gets kids grooving, crashing, and drumming at an early age.

Start off with a base beat with the two drums of different pitches.  Once you've got the beat, it's time to really get your rhythm rocking! 

Boom! Chick-Chick Boom!
Boom! Clang! Ting! Bidumbum!

Throw in scritchity-scratchity textural sounds with the built-in guiro, and your whole family just might jump up to shimmy and shake with the tempo.

A kid behind this drum set is one HAPPY kid.

Beautifully designed and painted.  This set includes 2 drums, 2 drumsticks, tripod stand, built-in guiro, and crash cymbal.  Assembly required.

Perfect for Rock Stars ages 3 - 6