Rock And Roll It! Piano


Rock out, then roll it up! A flexible, completely portable piano by MukikiM with 49 standard keys. Features : Multiple Keyboard Tones, Multiple Demo Songs, Echo/Sustain, Record & Playback, Built In Speaker w/auxiliary capabilities(headphones or external speaker).

Powered by USB (cord included!) OR batteries. Completely portable - take it with you and play ANYWHERE!  Power saving mode activates when not in use.

Realistic Sounds Specifications:
Keyboard Size (open): 27.75"x5"x.25"
Control Panel Size: 3.25"x6"x1"
Rolls up into a box sized: 6.25"x8.5"x3.25"

Materials: Silicone, plastic

Batteries: 4x AAA (not included)

Includes: Piano with attached control panel/speaker, 41" USB power cord (wall plug not included) Users Manual, Song booklet.

Notes for usage: Due to the soft silicone that the keyboard is made of, there are times when compound sounds are produced due to cross-feedback or vibrations registering on adjacent keys. This is normal for such devices and is not indicate a faulty or malfunctioning product.

Ages  6 - 96