Pogo Trick Board


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The Flybar Pogo Trick Board is a new twist on a retro classic. It is easy to learn and easy to get going. Just fill the pogo ball with the included pump and kids will be smiling and jumping in no time. The Flybar Pogo Ball Hopper is great for outdoor and indoor use. For a beginner, it may be easier to start hopping on a soft surface like grass incase of a fall. Great exercise disguised as fun!

The Flybar Pogo Trick Ball is an exciting way for your kids to get outside and have fun while also helping their balance and coordination. Perfectly safe with the grip tape for added control and stability. Not seen on any other pogo ball.

Some tips to get started: Step on with one foot at a time. With the trick board leaning on one side, start with your dominate foot then step on with your other foot. Next, squeeze your feet against the blown up ball in the middle which will keep the trick board in place. Stand up straight with your knees slightly bent to keep your balance. Start bouncing! Beginners should fill the pogo ball a little less to help with maintaining control of the trick board. Once you get the hang of it, you can blow it up more and start boucing higher! Made of a strong elastic plastic material that flexes enough to bounce high and do tricks that's able to hold up to 160 pounds. Custom Flybar printed top non-slip foot deck with high grit grip tape will give you plenty of control when attempting cool tricks.

Pump it up! Each Flybar pogo ball comes with a pump and 2 air pins. The package comes with a guide on how much you should fill up the pogo ball. Beginners should start with a little less air to help catch your balance. Each Flybar Trick Board has two convenient handles on each side to carry your pogo ball any where. It's small and lightweight as to not weigh you down when bouncing but also makes for easy storage. Did we mention some bright and awesome colors! Custom built and designed to do cool tricks with ease. A longer and wider base of the pogo board makes it safer and gives you more control when bouncing. And remember to always wear your helmet and other safety gear. Strong, durable rubber ball that can withstand high bounces and hold air properly.

Ages 6+